Data Protection, Privacy and Information Security Policy.

Commitment to Data Protection, Privacy and Information Security

CIPADE complies with all applicable Community and national legal rules in the field of data protection, privacy and information security.
Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection and Information Security System, CIPADE seeks to ensure regulatory compliance and the demonstration or demonstration of institutional responsibility in terms of data protection and information security, implementing all the technical and organizational measures necessary to compliance with the legal data protection regime in force.
In this context, CIPADE also undertakes a commitment to the confidentiality and confidentiality of the personal data of which it is responsible for processing, in accordance with this data protection and privacy policy. Thus, it ensures compliance with all applicable rules in matters of confidentiality and secrecy, also requiring it from all its employees or suppliers, as well as the adoption of behaviors and the implementation of the necessary measures to the same degree of compliance, ensuring that persons authorized to process personal data have assumed a confidentiality commitment or are subject to appropriate legal confidentiality obligations.